Woman in art gallery holding medium size red decorative ceramic bowl

Hola! I'm SofĂ­a

A ceramic artist, energy giver, and nature lover. My mission is to elevate spaces with nature-inspired ceramic art. Nature and light are my greatest inspirations; I believe in their transformative power to lift our spirts and enhance our well-being. Through my fluid shapes, textured exteriors, and evocative colors, I aim to capture the invigorating energy that nature gives us.

My roots intertwine Costa Rican and Swiss heritage, and my love affair with ceramics began over 17 years ago. Specializing in decorative ceramics, I'm endlessly fascinated by the creative possibilities this art medium offers. May my work bring you the same energizing vitality I experience when creating each unique piece.

My Style - A Fluid Duality

My ceramics exhibit a distinct duality. One side is textured using my handmade, nature-inspired stamps and glazed with a metallic hue; while the other side boasts a smoother surface brought to life with vibrant and mesmerizing glazes. This duality combined with the fluid shape creates a contemporary allure, inviting light and energy to dance freely within the ceramic and infusing life into the spaces they inhabit.

Nature's Imprint

My fascination with textures takes center stage in my work. The rare exterior textures of my ceramics are decorated using handmade stamps - each stamp is a one-of-a-kind design evoking natural elements. I apply these stamps individually, creating unique patterns. It's a dance between artistry and nature, an interplay of form and texture that lends tactile poetry to each ceramic piece.

Chromatic Expressions

In my ceramics, glazes are more than just decorative colors; they are vivid expressions of emotion and style. The vibrant interior glaze offers a diverse spectrum of hues and moods. The exterior metallic glaze serves to accentuate the intricate textures of the stamps. These glazes embody the energy of nature, telling a story within each ceramic and acting as a direct conduit to our deepest emotions.